There are 31 rooms to choose from. Standard prices before tax range from ₹2,120 for a Travellers Room to ₹6,945 for the Maharani Suite in the Palace.

Wi-Fi internet access is available through out the palace and is complimentary for guests.

Different guests have different favourite rooms. Of the hotel's directors (who can choose anything!), one prefers the Writer's Room, another the Bollywood Suite. Other frequent visitors specify the Princess Room or the Rose Room. And one couple booked for a night in the Honeymoon Suite and stayed for five, so it must have pleased them!

All the rooms have ensuite bathrooms. If you like a bath tub, the Rose Room, large Bollywood and Marigold room have baths, as do the first floor suites in the garden block.

Special offer: in the hotter months (March-June) you will automatically be upgraded to a cooler palace room if one is available.

Most of the palace rooms have antique furniture (though the mattresses are new!). The rooms in the garden block open onto the garden.

Guests have the use of the whole of the palace, including drawing rooms, a well-chosen library, and beautiful verandas. The gardens are large and provide peaceful relaxation. The hotel has won the Mysore Horticultural Society first prize for the best garden for over ten years running.

We do not have air-conditioning because the hotel is very airy and well ventilated and all the rooms have fans. The temperatures in Mysore make air conditioning largely unnecessary - they are at their highest from May to June on average (23-30°C, much cooler than a Greek island!)

The climate is like a wonderful, hot, English summer from September to March. There may be heavy showers in October. The rainy season is June to August, but there are usually only showers; it rarely rains all day.

Because of the excellent climate, guests spend most of the day in the garden, on the lawns, or, for those in the Garden Block, on the terrace outside their rooms. We offer spacious, soothing lawns and shady trees to recline under.