About the Green Hotel

"The Chittaranjan Green Hotel,a place which gives pleasure to the mind." - The Star of Mysore

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The hotel has been selected as one of the "World's Best Ideas" by the Institute of Social Inventions, London. For more than ten years the hotel has won first prizes in the Mysore Horticultural Society's best garden competition, and has received an award from the British Guild of Travel Writers Tourism Project. We have also featured in the Green Hotelier Magazine and on BBC World Service television

The Green Hotel has been set up as a model of sustainable tourism:

* to preserve a historic building

* to incorporate, wherever possible, energy saving and environmentally aware practices

* to use Indian craft items in furnishing, equipment and restoration

* to be a good employer, offering equal and fair opportunities

* to train staff and develop their potential

* to provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy traditional hospitality rather than modern day uniformity.

All profits are distributed to charitable and environmental projects in India